We increase the value of space with thorough and step by step quality control service.

We increase the value of space with thorough and step by step quality control service.

SPOTECH provides the most strict standards and responsibilities in all stages from production, design, and construction to provide value beyond the quality required by customers. We do our best to improve quality to prevent injuries to players and protect athletes from any dangers in stadiums where grass and body frequently make contact. In addition, we provide a space where customers can use by arranging a technical team for each process during construction to eliminate problems that may occur during construction in advance, or through quality control (QC) activities. We will continue to maintain trust with our customers through continuous efforts.

Quality Management System

We have secured a competitive edge in quality in planning, feasibility study, design, purchasing, construction, supervision, commissioning, and service, and are implementing strict quality control based on domestic and international quality certifications. To strengthen the quality-related professional competency of on-site quality managers, we provide customized training for each level and support legal training.

Step-by-step management system

Planning, design, production, procurement, construction, and post-management processes are established and operated to preemptively manage risks occurring in each step. In addition, we are improving the work environment by complying with safety management procedures and minimizing risks.

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This project is sponsored and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Agency.