Stadium construction

Responsible for stadiums with pleasant and convenient functions, from construction to maintenance and management.

Responsible for stadiums with pleasant and convenient functions, from construction to maintenance and management.

SPOTECH, which has exceptional competitiveness in stadium construction, provides time and cost savings for management through not only construction but also maintenance. In particular, it helps to improve economic benefits and performance for users by managing secondary floor material damage prevention using maintenance equipment suitable for flooring materials. In addition, based on the excellent construction skills accumulated in Korea, we not only participated in the construction of world-class stadiums, but also are concentrating our capabilities on various stadium construction, such as exporting and importing sports facilities and building materials.

Stadium construction

  • Earthwork

  • Drainage work

  • Foundation construction

  • Artificial turf and elastic pavement

  • appurtenant work

Stadium management. operation

  • Management

    The artificial turf must be maintained in a pleasant and healthy environment to prevent high costs of repairing and replacing due to various contamination and damage of the stadium through regular maintenance.

  • Restoration

    The more the artificial turf stadium is used, the more the filling is lost, and the flatness of the stadium loses its balance, which causes a decrease in user activity, and injuries.

  • Renovation/Repair

    When the ground level of the artificial turf field is lowered and the flatness is significantly damaged, the artificial turf is removed, paved the foundation, and then the existing artificial turf is reinstalled to extend the life of the stadium.

  • Recycling (REP.)

    A clean system for the separation and recovery of artificial turf (REP)

    1st brushing

    Removal of garbage and impurities by restoring the collapsed artificial turf dents

    Secondary brushing

    Remove dirt once more by vacuuming and collecting extra substances


    Invisible fine dust is filtered out with a dust filter to completely remove contaminants


    Maintain a clean environment by sterilizing and disinfecting inhabiting bacteria and microorganisms

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